Pre-Hire Assessments

Developing assessments appropriate for positions at all levels in the organization.


Simplifying the hiring process by providing precise predictors of candidate success.


We partner with our clients to understand their culture and business needs.

Predictive Success Metrics

Evaluate and combine multiple measures to provide predictive insights on-the-job success.

Pre-Hire Assessments

Ensure the Right Fit with Every Hire, from the Start

The Carr hiring assessments are designed to revolutionize the hiring process, providing HR teams with comprehensive, job-specific insights into a candidate’s suitability for a role.

Utilizing Carr’s multi-dimensional assessment approach, organizations gain an unparalleled prediction of a candidate’s potential to perform and thrive in their job. This method not only forecasts performance outcomes, bolsters retention rates, and assists decision makers in finding a great match for every position.

Our Approach

Carr has developed a multi-level approach to assessments. Each level addresses the need for increasing complexity and scope of the job requirements.

360 Evaluations for Teams or Individuals

Level I


Geared toward clients who need a quick, easy-to-administer overview of a broad group of applicants. Both the test content and reporting format are customizable to meet organizational needs.

  • Measures cognitive ability, motivation, and leadership skills

  • Assesses problem-solving capabilities, dependability, and self-awareness

  • Evaluates the ability to collaborate and work effectively with others

360 Evaluations for Managers

Level II


Designed to provide a more in-depth look at a candidate. The data is reviewed and interpreted, and a report is written by one of our psychological consultants.

  • Assesses candidates’ personality, attitudes, and abilities for a holistic evaluation

  • Measures compatibility with key competencies required for specific roles

  • Identifies the degree of match between a candidate’s traits and the position’s demands

360 Evaluations for Business

Level III


Our psychological consultants prepare a report, which includes a description of the candidates’ likely style and effectiveness in the role, and suggestions for managing the individual.

  • Utilizes a blend of testing, candidate feedback, and structured interviewing for in-depth analysis

  • Explores candidates’ abilities, temperament, and interests
  • Delves into motivations and values to understand the holistic profile of each candidate

Scientific – Comprehensive

Predictive Success Metrics…

By evaluating a spectrum of traits — from natural tendencies and work styles to social interactions and problem-solving abilities — we reveal the dynamics behind each candidate’s potential.

Unmatched Accuracy

Carr’s Pre-Hire Assessments offer predictive insights into a candidate’s success, combining abilities, motivators, and personality into a comprehensive performance forecast.

Role-Specific Insights

Tailored to meet the unique demands of each role, these assessments eliminate the need for generic evaluations, ensuring a perfect match without customization.

Objective Comparisons

Leveraging scientific and job-specific results, Carr Assessments provide clear, unbiased insights, empowering hiring managers to make informed decisions and streamline the hiring process.

what people are saying

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We’ve partnered with Carr for more than 5 years and we’ve found assessments really help us to select the people who will thrive in our sales organization. The testing methods and reporting are easy to use and interpret.

Senior VP of Human Resources – Insurance Agency

Carr Assessments provides customized one-on-one service and they dig deeper into the results than any other assessment provider I have worked with.

Human Resources Manager – Paper Goods

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