About Us

The core of our business is simply to understand human potential.

Refining Since the 60’s

Carr Assessments dates back to 1966, when Ed Carr, a Ph.D. Psychologist, founded the company.

Needs-Based Solutions

We provide our services to a broad range of clients, including public and private companies of all sizes, as well as non-profit organizations.

Cutting-Edge Systems

We enable our clients to make objective, rather than subjective or emotional, hiring and development decisions.

About Carr Assessments

One Person – One Job – One Organization

Why Carr Assessments?

While our process is scientific and data-driven, we never lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with one person, in one job, in one organization.

Individuals who are assessed by Carr come away knowing themselves better and feeling empowered by the experience. Organizations are better able to select the right candidate based on our findings and conclusions.

Our Ten Core Commitments

  • 1
    We are an objective and data-driven company.
  • 2
    We utilize a professional staff of trained psychologists with advanced degrees and expertise in organizational psychology, statistics, and personality assessment.
  • 3
    Our testing is well researched and has a high degree of statistical reliability and validity.
  • 4
    Our testing is strictly aligned with the specific job requirements for each position and client.
  • 5
    We always seek an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs and the unique characteristics of each job/position.
  • 1
    We use exacting scientific methodology that utilizes predictive algorithms to target high performers.
  • 2
    We apply a collaborative approach to analysis and report writing, drawing on the unique skills and experiences of our professional staff.
  • 3
    We write reports to the client’s objectives, utilizing their language and competencies to describe a candidate’s potential.
  • 4
    We produced clear and concise reports that avoid ambiguous language and psychobabble. We never leave it up to the reader to decide what we mean.
  • 5
    We have a ‘tell it like it is’ approach. We don’t ignore bad news and work to resolve data conflicts, delivering factual information to our clients.

Our Roots

Carr Assessments dates back to 1966, when Ed Carr, a Ph.D. Psychologist, founded the company. The mid-1960s marked a change in how psychologists viewed individuals in the work place.

During this period, the field’s name changed from industrial psychology to industrial and organizational psychology. Prior to this time, industrial psychology focused on the individual’s work behavior, ignoring the influence of the organization on individual and group behavior in the work place.

A Technological Leader

Dr. Jack Goodner, an industrial psychologist, acquired the company from Carr in 1989. To keep pace with fast-changing technology, he pioneered systems to utilize state-of-the-art analytics that helped move Carr and the industry away from paper and pencil testing to online assessments. Today, Carr’s digital systems and practices are among the best in the industry.

Carr Assessments history timeline

what people are saying

Real stories, real results—see what our clients have to say.

Carr Assessments provides customized one-on-one service and they dig deeper into the results than any other assessment provider I have worked with.

Human Resources Manager – Paper Goods

We’ve partnered with Carr for more than 5 years and we’ve found assessments really help us to select the people who will thrive in our sales organization. The testing methods and reporting are easy to use and interpret.

Senior VP of Human Resources – Insurance Agency