About Us

Why Carr Assessments?

The core of our business is simply to understand human potential. While our process is scientific and data-driven, we never lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with one person, in one job, in one organization. Individuals who are assessed by Carr come away knowing themselves better and feeling empowered by the experience. Organizations are better able to select the right candidate based on our findings and conclusions.

An Insightful Leader

Carr Assessments is a market leader in the development and administration of comprehensive psychological assessments. We are a regional and national provider of perceptive, insightful, and data-driven assessments that assist organizations in realizing their human potential.

Needs-based Solutions

We provide our services to a broad range of clients, including public and private companies of all sizes, as well as non-profit organizations. Our products are used for pre-hire selection; organizational and succession planning; leadership, team, and sales force development; career counseling and transitioning; and acquisition talent assessment.

Cutting-edge Systems

Carr has created cutting-edge systems that utilize advanced algorithms and multiple psychological tools that predict behavior. Data is analyzed and interpreted by our psychologists who tailor reports to the job, and to the client’s culture and values. We enable our clients to make objective, rather than subjective or emotional, hiring and development decisions. This has direct bearing on turnover, productivity, and profitability.
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