Pre-hire Assessments

Carr has developed a multi-level approach to assessments. Each level addresses the need for increasing complexity and scope of the job requirements. We partner with our clients to understand their culture and business needs. We develop assessments appropriate for positions at all levels in the organization.



  • Fundamental - Level I

  • Carr Fundamental – Level I is geared toward clients who need a quick, easy-to-administer overview of a broad group of applicants. Both the test content and reporting format are customizable to meet organizational needs. This assessment measures general employability, including cognitive ability, motivation, leadership, problem solving, dependability, self-awareness, and the ability to work with others. These assessments are typically used when filling supervisory positions and below.

  • Integrated - Level II

  • Carr Integrated – Level II is designed to provide a more in-depth look at a candidate. It provides an assessment of your candidates’ personality, attitudes, abilities, and measures their match to competencies considered important for a particular position. The data is reviewed and interpreted, and a report is written by one of our psychological consultants. This level of assessment is generally used for key supervisory and management personnel.

  • Comprehensive - Level III

  • Carr Comprehensive – Level III is used for key management or leadership positions. These assessments utilize testing, candidate feedback, and structured interviewing. We select targeted measurement instruments that delve deeper into your candidates’ abilities, temperament, interests, motivations, and values. We meet with candidates individually to gain a deeper understanding of the data and provide them with an opportunity for feedback. Our psychological consultants prepare a report, which includes a description of the candidates’ likely style and effectiveness in the role, and suggestions for managing the individual.