Recruiting – Talent Acquisition

CARR Talent Acquisition pairs our assessment technology with recruiting expertise to provide an effective means for building an applicant pool, screening candidates, and identifying the right talent to fill key positions.  The approach we have developed, systematically narrows the field, providing incremental prediction at each successive step and ensuring that those who remain in the selection process will have the best chance of succeeding in their designated roles.

Carr’s technical and professional expertise, diverse experience, and creative approach can provide the following benefits:

  • Assist in development of job descriptions, job postings, and advertising and media placement
  • Utilize extensive networks to uncover non-conventional candidates
  • Review job requirements and develop Selection Criteria and Selection Model
  • Review and score applicant resumes
  • Utilize stepped assessment approach to screen large number of candidates at low cost
  • Conduct chemistry and formal interviews
  • Provide documented recommendations on each finalist
  • Reference checks and background screening
  • Carr consults across the entire process or offers customized services to meet the client’s needs.