How do I choose the right career path?


Choosing a career is perhaps one of the most involved, important decisions people make.  It takes place over many years, beginning with the educational choices one makes, progressing through their employment experiences, and ending with retirement. For many this is unfortunately a very non-linear, trial-by-error process.

In a recent survey, if given the chance 50% of Americans said they would choose a new line of work.  Roughly speaking, you could interpret this to mean that 50% of Americans are currently dissatisfied with their careers.  Bearing in mind that careers take up more of our time than any other activity, it begs the question: are we doing everything possible to find satisfying, meaningful, and fulfilling occupations?

Insights is a unique career exploration tool designed to help students and adults in transition navigate their way through the career exploration process.  It is an on-line assessment tool that helps them to first gain key insights into their talents and motivations.  Using leading edge research, we then take this understanding and show how it relates to 32 different career fields to help better explore the full range of options and ultimately pursue a career path(s) that is truly a best fit across those areas.

In high schools, student-to-counselors ratios can be as high as 600 to 1. Additionally, heavy administrative duties further limit direct student contact. Similarly, colleges and universities often choose to spend much of their money in areas other than career planning. Consequently, higher education career centers tend to serve as general occupational resource libraries rather than places where students undergo in-depth self-exploration.

At Carr, we believe that people have unique talents and interests that suit them for particular careers. Insights will assist in exploring career options while helping the student or adult in transition to truly find their passion.