How do I know that the costs of testing will be offset by the benefits?


By some estimates the cost of a bad hire is typically as much as two to three times the first year’s salary.  You should want to know as much as possible about your candidates to avoid the lackluster quality of work, poor interpersonal skills, bad attitude, attendance issues, complaints from customers, and/or inability to meet […]

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Can employee assessments take my business from good to great?


Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, states one of the keys to improving your company’s performance in the marketplace is “getting the right people on the bus”.  Assessments help you to do just that.  But the best-in-class companies are doing more than that.  They are using assessments to both find and develop the talent […]

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Case Study: Hawkins Construction


At Hawkins Construction, It’s About Getting it Right the First Time   Hawkins Construction has an interesting problem: they want to find the best talent possible, provide them years of training, growth, and personal development, and allow them to thrive personally and financially in a company with a strong culture. So, what’s the problem you […]

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