Plea to a Perfectionist


by Jack Goodner, Ed.D.   Dear Perfectionist,   For you, there are an abundance of standards.  These are applied to bring order out of chaos.  I have seen your unwavering standards create results which deservedly earned recognition and acclaim.  Your perfectionistic approach to learning was rewarded by grades.  Any task you could control exceeded standards […]

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The Dangers of Falling in Love


By Dr. Jack Goodner   Job candidates often embellish and, sometimes, even outright lie. A few years ago, a well-known and respected college football coach, when applying to the head coaching position at a major university, claimed a master’s degree and varsity letters in football that he actually never earned. Had the university hiring personnel […]

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Don’t Settle for Less


By: Jack Goodner, Ed.D.   Sometimes, organizations put “a hard press” on hiring managers to get people on board quickly with little or no thought given to if these individuals are a good fit or not. However, just because a candidate held a related position(s) for an extended period of time doesn’t necessarily mean that […]


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Hiring Indicators Partner


Check out our sister company, Hiring Indicators which does similar services in the Southwest territory of the US.

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To Confront Or Not To Confront


By: Jack Goodner, Ed.D.   If the intent of confronting is to influence someone to change a behavior that is creating a problem, why is it so often avoided? The answer – most of us do not like to do it. Why do we avoid it? Because the few who enjoy confronting too much have […]

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